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How are we different to other chiropractors? 

Most people don't know there are two types of chiropractors. Many chiropractors merely work on back pain symptoms alone, through non-specific manipulation and electrotherapy. When symptoms improve, the patient assumes their spinal alignment is fixed. In most cases the spinal joints have merely been decompressed and pain is temporarily relieved. We refer to these offices as "limited scope" as they merely patch up an underlying condition without making any permanent corrective change. 

In our clinic, we actually correct spinal problems and muscle activation patterns permanently back to their normal model and show you the results with our objective measurement technology. The spine must be in its normal alignment and movement to maximize nerve integrity and insure proper stability and brain motor function. Similar to a car wheel, if the spine (or any joint for that matter) is left out of alignment, it will progressively wear and tear even if there are no symptoms at the time. Over time however, the discs and cartilagenous joints will wear out just like a car tire, axle and bearing. Eventually there may be symptoms and permanent damage. 

The secret to correcting the spinal alignment involves changing nerve muscle memory by influencing slow and fast nerve receptors to tell muscles to pull differently, thus aligning the spine. Specific spinal adjustments and Erchonia cold laser neuromuscular movement pattern reactivation is done with predicable results.  

When spinal alignment and movement patterns are restored to a normal model, not only are symptoms relieved, but long standing spinal correction is achieved for better stability and function. 

A simple maintenance program is given to each patient so they can maintain the normal spinal alignment throughout their lifetime. Maintaining a correction is smarter and more cost effective then “managing a problem” which can inevitably become permanent.

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